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      Lara W.
      Lara W.
      Imran and his team rebuilt our business website on budget and on time.  We had a great experience with everyone we worked with.  They were professional, qualified and amazingly helpful.  I highly recommend them and will have them update my site as needed.  Thank you to everyone on the team.
      Alyona M.
      Alyona M.
      I worked with Proleadsoft to have them fix various issues I had with my website. Imran was very responsive, professional, and quickly resolved all the issues I had.  He also answered all my questions in a simple way making it easy for me to manage my site. I highly recommend working with them and plan on using their services very soon to help with my website's SEO.
      Kenneth L.
      Kenneth L.
      Imran has an incredible ability to create websites and optimize SEO's. He also can immensely save you lots of time creating a very user friendly system to manage a large volume of digital files.
      Carolyn C.
      Carolyn C.
      The team at Proleadsoft is fabulous!  They listen closely to their clients and create websites that are engaging and easy to navigate.The team at Proleadsoft is extremely professional and they work side by side with their clients to create a website that matches the vision of the client.  Proleadsoft is the company to help design or rebuild your website!
      Sean A.
      Sean A.
      I had a very difficult problem to solve when I came to Proleadsoft.  I have a private tutoring business and our tutors meet with clients at different locations on different days of the week.  I wanted a scheduling program that could handle this fact in a simple and intuitive way so parents could easily search by tutor or location and sign up.  I spent hours on the internet looking at pre-packaged scheduling programs and none of them could handle it.  I came to Proleasoft with the problem and they solved it.  I now have a scheduling page on my website the hands the job off to the parents so I no longer have to.  It has saved me hours of time per week, I highly recommend Proleadsoft!
      Jana A.
      Jana A.
      It's an absolute pleasure to work with Imran and Proleadsoft. They are truly professionals with incredibly fast response time and amazing results. Imran's attention to detail coupled with his patience make it so enjoyable to work with him. I highly recommend Proleadsoft if you want the absolute best in the business at a great price.
      Devin E.
      Devin E.
      I worked with Imran and his team to help with our websites SEO ( They did a wonderful job in communicating what needed to be done and they answered all of my questions expeditiously and thoroughly. They provide timelines, clear agendas, and they accurately track work progress throughout your time with them. I can't say enough good about their services.  I would highly recommend Imran and his team at Proleadsoft for for any type of web service, but especially with search engine optimization! 5 Stars!
      Sun M.
      Sun M.
      Working with Proleadsoft has been an extreme pleasure.  I have worked with my fair share of web peeps and Proleadsoft is by far the most professional and responsive. As you may know working on your Search Engine Optimization is not a short process, but with the care, education and updates that Proleadsoft provides it's well worth it. Give them a call today to see how they can help you with your online presence to ease your **soon to be** clients through the pipeline
      Jordan J.
      Jordan J.
      They helped me get my Insurance website up and running.  Not only did they do it in a timely manner they made it look great too!

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      Analysis & Audit

      We closely examine your website to gain a better understanding on where we are and what we need to do.

      Keyword Research

      We research your competition and industry to come up with a list of relevant and highly searched terms.

      Keyword Structuring

      We identify what keywords to target on what pages to get your business the visibility it needs.

      Onsite SEO

      We identify what needs to be done on your website in terms of content, structure, code, speed and security.

      Offsite SEO

      We identify what needs to be done on external websites and business directories to generate high quality back-links.

      Multiple Factors

      Google alone considers over 200 factors for ranking your website. Working across multiple factors is key!

      The view from the top is always better with SEO!