What Are DevOps Services?

    DevOps services are a set of practices designed to enhance collaboration between software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). The goal of this framework is creating a continuous feedback loop between development and operations, including infrastructure and hosting. In traditional software development methods, development and IT are handled by different teams, often working in silos with limited communication. DevOps services reimagine the development cycle as a continuous feedback loop that emphasizes rapid deployment, automated testing and seamless management of infrastructure to enable continuous delivery of software.


    How Can DevOps Consulting Help Your Business?

    How Can DevOps Consulting Help Your Business

    As a leading provider of DevOps Consulting Services, Proleadsoft is ready to help you break down the barriers between your software development and IT operations. A DevOps approach to software development enables organizations to respond quickly to market demands. Adopting DevOps services and solutions will streamline your workflow, and increase productivity, while continuous implementation and delivery ensure fast and reliable releases.

    Our Approach to DevOps Consulting

    Every business is unique, and you deserve a tailor made plan designed for your exact needs. Our DevOps services and solutions are custom designed to meet your business goals.

    Proleadsoft’s DevOps consultancy will roll out the tools, technologies and automations you need to streamline your development process.

    Through Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), new code is implemented and automatically tested to quickly identify and resolve bugs, ensuring rapid release of the latest updates. CI/CD results in faster development cycles, and the ability to quickly adapt to requirement changes on the fly.


    Cloud Powered DevOps Services

    The power of cloud computing plays a critical role in our approach to DevOps consulting. We work with AWS DevOps, giving your business the ability to scale your computing resources up or down depending on the project requirements. Some advantages of utilizing AWS DevOps:


    The nature of cloud computing creates a seamless environment for development, testing and operations teams to work together throughout the development process. This means greater efficiency, and quicker releases for your product.

    • East setup and Install - With AWS DevOps, there is no physical hardware and no software to install. Everything you need resides in the cloud.
    • Fully Scalable - Start small, grow big. As your business grows, AWS DevOps services are fully scalable, giving you complete control over your computing resources and management.
    • Automation - AWS DevOps makes it easy to automate tasks like testing and deployment.
    • Security - Gain complete control over who can access your resources through AWS Identity and Access Management.
    • Pay-As-You-Go - AWS DevOps allows you to scale your computing power up or down as needed, without any long term contracts, termination fees or other upfront costs.

    Why Partner with Proleadsoft to Implement DevOps in Your Business?

    A DevOps model saves time and resources by adopting automation and eliminating manual tasks throughout the development and deployment process. With fewer bugs and faster releases, you'll enjoy reduced maintenance costs.

    We encourage deployment of applications in two regions, to ensure an active and passive environment. The active region is the primary server of your applications, while the passive environment serves as a backup, keeping you online in case the primary active region encounters issues.

    Gain real time insights into your resource usage, through AWS CloudWatch alarms.

    Ensure rapid and reliable releases with automated testing and rollout.

    Partner With Proleadsoft To Implement Devops

    Ensure business continuity and infrastructure efficiency with DevOps services.

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