Top 5 Practical Ways To Expand Your Online Presence

How To Build A Strong Online Presence?

Every business out there needs a strong online presence. Chances are your company or product already has one… but it’s only an online presence. Not the strong online presence. Is it doing all that it can to raise awareness and interest in your brand?

We have compiled a few tips to help reinvigorate your company’s web presence and increase traffic and commerce.


Make Sure Your Website Is Up To Date


This may sound obvious, but paying attention to the current look of your website can play a critical role in how seriously consumers take your product. As web development technologies and techniques advance, giving your website a makeover can make a world of difference.up-to-date-content

If your website looks like it was made 10 years ago, consumers may be less likely to spend time viewing it. Optimizing your site to make sure it loads quickly and smoothly on a variety of platforms, specifically mobile, will make it far more likely for customers to spend time on your site.

Remember, the website is the first, to build a strong online presence. So it holds the most important spot in the list.


Take Advantage Of SEO


Now that you have a sleek, clean website, your potential customers need to find it. In order for your site to be discovered by those most in need of it, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is must.

SEO is what allows users searching for content on the web to find it. A website with good SEO rankings will appear higher in the result listings of search engines like Google and Bing.


Most customers will look for information or services within the first 5 links that appear in the search results… you don’t want your page buried at the bottom of most search engines!

Having SEO performed on your site will tailor the content to produce a dramatic upswing in unique traffic, which means more business for you. SEO will also increase the number of links between your site and others related to it.

The more related quality links your site has, the more it appears “recommended” to search engines. All of these techniques are critical to increasing your site’s exposure to new customers.


Harness The Power Of Social Media


Now more than ever, the world is connected via Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other applications allow people across the globe to communicate instantaneously with one another. It allows your brand to reach a larger audience than ever before.


Businesses that make efficient use of a Twitter account can keep potential customers up to date on the release of new products and services. An Instagram account can show photos of your product in action.

Similarly, A Facebook page can help foster a community of users or can be used to run promotions and giveaways that increase exposure to your product.

The online world is teeming with opportunities to market and expose your product or service to new and existing customers. Don’t be left out of the Social Media loop!


See What Your Competitors Are Doing Online, And Not Doing


Perhaps one of the best ways to expand your online presence is to monitor what your competitors are and what they are NOT doing online… and use that information to fill in the gap! By checking in on what your competition is up to online, you may be able to tap into areas that have yet to be explored.


Checking out your competition on social media can also help see what customers are saying, both good and bad, about them. The information you can gather by doing a little bit of research on your competition can help immensely when it comes to planning your company’s next move.


Expand Ways Your Customers Can Shop Online


Depending on the nature of your business, adding e-commerce to your website, or developing an application to facilitate e-commerce can be quite a boon to your bottom line.

The fact is, people are shopping online now more than ever. If you can make it quick and easy for them to purchase your products or services online, you will see customers returning again and again to you. But with increased e-commerce, comes the responsibility to keep your client’s data secure.

Consumers must feel safe and secure purchasing from you, and it is your company’s responsibility to ensure that every precaution is taken to minimize the risks of cyber crimes.


A professional, 5 stars rated web development company, such as Proleadsoft can help your business implement these strategies and many more. Proleadsoft has a reputation for crafting unique and individualized web-based solutions for a variety of businesses. For a free 30 minute consultation on what Proleadsoft can do to increase your web presence, please reserve your slot now.


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