5 Tips for Executing Successful AdWords Campaigns

How To Craft & Execute A Successful AdWords Campaign?


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In our premier edition, we’re going to take a look at our top 5 tips for executing a successful Google Ads/PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign.


Know your Customer


It almost goes without saying, but to ensure the success of your campaign you need to know what your potential customers are looking for.


Every customers’ search for the perfect product can be broken down into four stages: Awareness, Evaluation, Comparison, and Purchase. Together, they make up the consumer buying cycle.

At each stage of the cycle, consumers utilize different keywords ranging from the very general in the awareness phase to brand and product specific keywords in the comparison and purchasing phase. It’s your job to make sure your campaign will be able to target customers at any stage of their buying cycle.

We recommend applying an “Always-On” approach to keyword research that will allow you to determine exactly what terms to invest in that will be most relevant to your customers at each stage of their buying cycle.


Spread the Wealth


As the world’s leading search engine and a pioneer of Pay Per Click marketing, Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is a fantastic place to invest a great deal of your PPC marketing efforts. However, it’s not the only place you should be spreading your advertising budget.

The most effective marketing campaigns will make sure to include other search engines like Yahoo! and Bing as well. While they may not have as great a reach as a Google Ads campaign, they are steadily growing in search volume.

Best of all, setting up high impact ads on these platforms can be substantially cheaper than Google Ads, due to less competitor presence. By focusing a portion of your budget on these Google AdWords alternatives, you can maximize your return on your marketing investment, leaving no stone unturned.


Optimize for Mobile


Over 70% of all search queries now originate from a mobile device. One of the greatest benefits of this is the ability to pinpoint a user’s exact geophysical location. This means that your marketing campaigns must be 100% optimized for mobile to take advantage of this incredible power.


You can optimize your Google AdWords PPC campaigns for mobile with bid modifiers that allow you to target users by specific location, device type or search type, all while providing a tailored copy to mobile users. You can even add “Click to Call” functionality to your mobile ads campaigns so users can easily contact you directly by phone.

Make sure your campaign doesn’t cut corners by neglecting mobile when it comes to setting your AdWords budget.


Be There When The Customer is Looking


A great way to target users in the various stages of their customer journey is by using ad groups to bunch keyword types together. This is done by breaking down AdWords PPC keywords into broad matches, phrase matches and exact matches.

Broad matches don’t care about specifics. If your keyword is present anywhere in the users’ query, your ad is likely to be seen. With Broad Match Modifiers (BMM), adding a “+ “ before your keyword extends your reach to include close variants of that word. For example, using “+mens +blazer” will get your ad shown in searches including “men’s coat”, “men’s formal jacket” or “mens sports coat”.

Phrase matches, on the other hand, will show your ad when a user’s search matches the exact order of keywords you specify. The phrase match “blue blazer” could also get your ad shown in a search for “men’s formal blue blazer” as well.

Finally, an exact match would display your ad only when the search query matches exactly as specified, such as “men Italian formal blue blazer”.

These techniques will ensure that no matter if customers are just starting their search, or are ready to make their purchase, your products will be amongst the first seen.


Maximize Your Ad’s Impact with Extensions


Another great way to increase the power of your Google Ads campaign investment is by augmenting each with a variety of available extensions. Ad extensions allow you to highlight additional information you want to share about your product that organic search results don’t offer.

Extensions range from basic text lines capable of displaying multiple products, to callout extensions that encourage action from users, to review extensions that quickly link to read reviews about your product or service.

Extensions also increase the visible footprint of your ad, drawing more eyes to your product while simultaneously pushing your competitors further down the page.


The Bottom Line


Executing an AdWords marketing campaign can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Utilizing these strategies can have your business making waves in no time.

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