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Sometimes your business needs go beyond a new website or app. Whether that means software to manage your resources, or a way to manage your interaction with your customers, Proleadsoft is the perfect software development company to handle the unique challenges that your business faces.


We’ve built everything from custom enterprise software, medical and billing software, to software designed to automate your everyday tasks. Our software developers stand at the forefront of new technologies, like Blockchain systems to guarantee your platform’s security, or software to control device sensors on the Internet of Things. If you’re looking to streamline or automate aspects of your business with software, then we have your solution!


Custom software development at Proleadsoft occurs in three primary steps:

We start the design phase by identifying your goals for the project, developing a set of detailed requirements and documentation to define the project’s scope and parameters. We construct systems via the Agile development method, with custom built mockups and wireframes as your project begins to take shape.


Development is the next phase, where our team of highly skilled software developers and engineers will build your product using the latest development techniques. We offer full stack development, with expertise in top technologies like NodeJS, MeteorJS, ReactJS, AngularJS, Java, Ruby, Python, C#, ASP.NET and PHP frameworks. We’re equally adept at creating new systems from the ground up, as well as integrating custom software into existing environments, making sure your new software will seamlessly integrate into your existing structure.


Finally, we employ rigorous and thorough QA testing to guarantee your new software is ready for prime time. We take your feedback and fine tune the project to your standards. Once the product is ready to be launched, we stand with you to offer full support, including performance monitoring, security monitoring and future upgrade and improvements.


Our systems are both scalable and fast, allowing us to build industry specific software to streamline or automate every day tasks such as inventory management, data entry and report generation. Everything we do is designed to make your life easier and your business run smoother, saving you time and money!


Now is the time to unleash your business’s full potential. Whether you need completely unique software for your business, a shiny new website or a brand new mobile app, Proleadsoft has got you covered! 

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What is 9+1?


  • idea-generation


    It all starts with a people, process or profitability problem which needs a solution!

  • search-engine-ranking

    2. ANALYZE

    We analyze the problem to come up with a set of relevant requirements and specifications to solve it.

  • Design-creative

    3. DESIGN

    We design wire-frames and mockups based on the specific situation and integrate your feedback.

  • development

    4. DEVELOP

    We develop your secure software using the most relevant modern technology suited to the project.

  • proof-reading

    5. TEST & DEPLOY

    We test to make sure everything works well on the required platforms and devices. Then we go live!

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