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– View schedule of all available class slots for each date.

– Monthly, weekly and daily filterable view of the calendar showing all available class slots.

– The calendar can be filtered by the teacher.

– A client can reserve classes from available slots in the calendar.

– A client can view all available slots.



– Appointments can be scheduled only for available slots (teacher and course).

– Appointments can be cancelled 24 hours before class.



– Admin can create new teacher and will define course name, price, availability, locations, and all other contact details.

– Admin can add and delete teachers.

– Individual price list for each teacher.

– Admin can add teacher photo.

– Individual working hours for each teacher.

– Individual ‘Days off’ calendar for each teacher.

– An unlimited number of teachers can be added to the system.

– Individual schedule for each teacher.

– A teacher can work at multiple locations.



– Marking color for each course (Math and Physics).

– Price for each course.

– Teacher list for each course.

– Admin can view all schedules for all teachers.



– Client registration and login system.

– Client can schedule appointment.



– Notifications to administrators about appointments.

– Notifications to clients about appointment details.

– Notifications to teachers about appointment cancellations.



– Payments via credit card and PayPal in real time when booking a slot.

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