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The smartphone has changed not only the way people view the world, but how they do business in it. Application development has become a critical component of any business rooted in technology and having custom application development can be the gateway to your company’s success.


Proleadsoft’s application development services are designed to give your project the personal attention it deserves, while maintaining reliable support throughout the application development process. As one of USA’S leading application development companies, Proleadsoft offers custom application development from the ground up. Our application development services team can design your app for both Apple and Android platforms. We understand the intricacies of each platform, and know how best to harness their power to deliver your message. All of our finished products are guaranteed to be responsive and enterprise grade applications that work well, regardless of the device size.


iOS Application Development


iOS application development ensures that your app will work not just on iPhone, but on any Apple device potential clients may use, including the new Apple Watch. Because we as an app development company possess a deep understanding of how Apple’s platforms work together, you can rest assured that your clients will be able to get the full benefit of your app, no matter which apple device they choose.


Android Application Development


Android application development just like custom application development is critical for any company looking to maximize its exposure. A vast amount of users prefer the Android platform, and without custom app development for this platform, you will be neglecting a large share of the market.


Unlike most app development companies, we respond to new client inquiries within one business day. If you need results in a short amount of time, we also offer rapid application development. With rapid application development, we can take your project from idea to functional product in the shortest amount of time possible, with results few app development agencies can match.


Our glowing testimonials from satisfied clients ensures our position as one of the premier custom application development companies and app development agencies in USA. Proleadsoft is a comprehensive solution and one stop window for all your web and mobile solutions.

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What is 6+4?


  • idea-generation

    1. IDEA

    You have a great idea for a Mobile App. We assure you that you have come to the right place!

  • search-engine-ranking

    2. ANALYZE

    We analyze the idea to come up with a set of detailed requirements and specifications.

  • Design-creative

    3. DESIGN

    We design Wireframes and / or Mockups based on the specific situation and integrate your feedback.

  • mobile-app-developers

    4. DEVELOP

    We are now ready to develop the mobile App on the required platforms such as Android and iOS.

  • proof-reading

    5. TEST & DEPLOY

    We test on different relevant devices and then go live. We also push to the App Stores if requested.

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What is 6+4?