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Now that you have a shiny new website, your website needs a home! Proleadsoft’s domain registration services will find the perfect domain name for your website. We also offer web hosting services for things like e-commerce and marketing websites, along with WordPress hosting services and app hosting services. Whatever your needs, our team of experts will deliver the best web hosting service you can find.


Proleadsoft’s domain name registration services identify what type of domain your company needs, such as .com, .org, .net or other suffixes used to identify websites. We then buy and renew your domain name as part of some of our monthly hosting plans. Our domain registration service also sets up security features to ensure the privacy of your site. With all that we have to offer, we are confident that Proleadsoft is the best domain registration service available for your business needs.


Beyond domain name registration services, we also offer complete web hosting services. Web hosting means getting your site “real estate” online, and our web hosting services guarantee that your website will always be online and available to your customers. This includes backing up your site, along with quality technical support. Customers intent on blogging on their website will benefit from our WordPress hosting services. Having dedicated WordPress hosting services gives you complete control over your blog, automating many time consuming tasks and guaranteeing lightning fast load times for your readers. With WordPress becoming a cornerstone of web content, having dedicated WordPress hosting service is a must for anyone looking to add a blog to their website.


Just as your website needs online real estate to be seen, so does your mobile app. Our mobile app hosting service gets your app online and available with dedicated servers designed to handle your growing number of users. Monthly plans for mobile app hosting services, WordPress hosting services and web hosting services include standard maintenance like small changes, upgrades and security checks. You can also choose the number of hours maintenance is performed as part of your monthly package. Best of all, Proleadsoft offers your first month of hosting FREE, to get your site up and running!

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